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The value of rare US gold or silver coins is determined primarily by four criteria: rarity, grade, quality, and popularity.

For investors, of course, a fifth criterion for a coin’s value comes into play: price. Ideally, price is a function of the other four criteria of coin value, but not always.

Unfortunately, many coin dealers charge prices that far exceed the value of the coins they sell. We can provide accurate and certified information regarding price and value of coins.

Rare US Gold and US Silver Coins

Low Best Prices

We take pride in offering some of the finest classic US rare gold and US silver coins at low prices, the best prices. At American Gold Exchange our prices make our competitors look foolish.

All of the classic US gold coins and silver coins we offer are carefully hand-selected according toST GAUDENS GOLD $20 DOUBLE EAGLE the following criteria to give you the best possible value for your money.

Rare Coins

Rarity – Truly rare coins have produced by far the greatest overall returns for investors. Rarity is a function of both the limited quantity of the original minting and the survival numbers of examples in any given grade rating.

    $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles

    Morgan silver dollars

    Peace silver dollars

    Gold and Silver Dollars, Double Eagles,
    Liberty Eagles, Rare Coins Galore !

    $4 Gold Stella, Gold Dollars

    Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 $20 Liberty Double Eagles

    $10 Liberty Eagles

    Indian Gold coins

Coins with high numbers of survivors, like some $20 Saint-Gaudens “Double Eagles,” Morgan silver dollars, and Peace silver dollars, do not perform as well as in value as scarcer ones.

US rare gold coins and US silver coins with lower survivor rates, like $4 Gold Stella, Gold Dollars, some Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 $20 Liberty Double Eagles, $10 Liberty Eagles, and Indian Gold coins, perform wonderfully as rare coin market investments, maintaining and increasing their value in most market scenarios.

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Hard Assets, US Minted Gold Coins

In almost every case, scarce and rare US gold coins perform better as hard asset investments than do gold bullion coins.

One ounce American Gold Eagles


American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maples, Krugerrands, British Soveriegns Galore

Canadian Maple Leafs

British Sovereigns

1 oz. Platinum eagles

One ounce American Gold Eagles, Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, British Sovereigns, and 1 oz. Platinum eagles are excellent for investing in precious metals, but often do not appreciate in value as much as rare coins.


Queen Victoria Gold Sovereign - European Gold Coins

Rare Coins Value, Proof gold and proof silver coins

US Gold - Silver Coin

Grade or Condition – A coin’s value is largely determined by the amount of circulation wear it exhibits, or in the case of uncirculated Mint State coins (MS60 through MS65), by how closely it resembles its “perfect” condition when newly struck. Proof gold and proof silver coins are special limited collector strikes, made on polished dies.

All the rare US gold and silver coins we offer are independently certified for grade and authenticity by the leading independent grading services, PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation).

Certified Coins

Certified coins protect the buyer and seller of rare gold and silver coins at coin shows, auctions, and through dealers, by “guaranteeing” their condition.

Quality – Certified grade does not tell the whole story.

Some certified coins are at the top of their grade while others are at the bottom. These differences are usually minute but nonetheless observable to the expert eye, and are an important factor in value, for certified coins.

PCGS Coins, NGC Coin - Certified Coins

The “quality” of a coin, then, refers to the subtle aspects of condition and appearance that are not differentiable by grade: characteristics of minting execution and condition that set it apart from others. Individual coins that are above average for strike, luster, evenness and/or color of
toning, and overall eye appeal are considered to be higher in quality than those that do not look as nice, even at the same PCGS - NGC rating.

Popularity – Some classic U.S. coins are simply more popular than others. St. Gaudens double eagles, for example, are an extremely popular design.

Conversely, some very rare coins, like US “pattern” coins, three-cent silver pieces, and half-dimes (or dismes), are gorgeous but have little demand.

We advise our customers to invest in those kinds of US coins that trade most frequently and enjoy the highest demand and popularity.

Hard Asset US Gold and Silver Coins,  Numismatic Investment

Our twenty years of hard assets experience have shown us that the most popular areas of  investments in numismatics are:

                US gold coins minted  1795 - 1933

                Also, larger high-quality US silver coins minted 1793 - 1892

Price – When rarity, grade, quality, popularity and price come together, they create true value in your numismatic investment.

At American Gold Exchange, we’ve built our reputation as Your Reliable Hard Asset Advisor by selling classic US gold and US silver coins that are excellent values. Give us a try and you’ll see the difference.

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